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Why Choose Us?

No where in the industry can you find a more customizable golf & sports simulator than at Infinity Golf & Sports Simulators.  We will never sell as "standard" model or system.  Every system from Infinity is customized to the client's space, desires, and budget.  

We are the only camera based tracking system in the simulator business that performs equally well outdoors as it does indoors.  Utilizing the industry's software standard E6, our tracking system provides more accuracy and more options than anyone.  Period.  

Alway available, always on time, and always the best quality customer support I've ever experienced.

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About Us

Nadine and Marty Rasmussen


Infinity Golf & Sports Simulators is the brainchild of two industry veterans who were fed up with the inaccurate marketing claims and the force feeding of pre-packaged sports simulator systems that were drastically overpriced. Our mission is to make the client's dreams happen.....period! You can't do that with "off the shelf" product or solutions. 

Every simulator we build is custom designed for every client. We've never met a room or space we couldn't handle and we will meet your expectations, budget, and dream. So whether you're looking for the ultimate indoor entertainment space, that custom "man cave", or the most awesome outdoor patio space, call us today and we'll bring your dreams to life!


With offices in both Florida and Arizona, we can cover all your golf & sports simulator needs.

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